I'd like to say a big thank you the following people for helping me make this web site as large and accurate as it is.

My good friend Phyico for donating your web space to allow me to host some of the artwork files.

Ulf Milanese for suggesting tracks from Odd Ditties and June 1st 1974 to add to the Kevin Ayers Lyrics page, for help transcribing the lyrics to Chameleon, for providing 13 scans of album covers, transcriptions of lyrics from Edgar Broughton Band and Michel Polnareff albums (plus several others) and all the other help above and beyond the call of duty.

Covenant for help transcribing the lyrics to "For Old Times", clearing up some confusion over the lyrics for "Everybody's Sometimes And Some People's All The Time Blues" and corrections for several other lyrics. Also for providing the scans of the Pekka Pojhola album covers and for all your improvement suggestions.

Geoff Reeves for reporting a bug in the html on the artwork page.

dkay for providing information on the Sally Oldfield track, Break Through The Rock.

Ugo Coppola for providing special notes for the Children Of The Sun information page.

Graham Bartlett for providing corrections to the lyrics for the Phil Beer track "Sit You Down".

Felix Mercader Lopez for providing the scans of the album covers for "The Consequences Of Indecisions", "Las Vegas Fandango", the large version of "Where Would You Rather Be Tonight?" and "Double O Charity".

Rainer Münz for providing the cover scan and information for "Rime Of The Ancient Mariner Live" and the information for "Sea Song".

jael for providing the musician listings for Pierre Moerlen's Gong - Live and Downwind albums.

Thanks must also go to Mike Oldfield and the other musicians for creating such fantastic music. And for giving me the motivation to learn html. It's always easier when you have a real project to do rather that just a theoretical one!

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