This page is designed to list most of the Mike Oldfield sites on the net together with a short review. I will endeavour to keep it up to date so that there are no dead links. If you find any please contact me.

The definitive site for information on Mike Oldfield.

German language site. Sorry my German is not good enough to give it a full review.

German language information site.

German language information site.

German language site.

The Original Mike Oldfield Mailing List.

The Site of Distant Earth.

The Lunatics' International Message Board A forum for fans to discuss various Mike Oldfield related topics.

Take-4, A Tribute to Mike Oldfield Hundreds of cover and backcovers of singles, maxis and lps. Very interesting web for all Mike Oldfield vinyl lovers and collectors. For instance you will see covers and backcovers of more than 300 vinyl singles. Some of them very very rare. Dutch based Mike Oldfield Site. News, MP3's Photos and videos. Great site.

Amadian - Mike Oldfield: The Sound Of The Bell Good site for information, Original vinyl album artwork and lyrics.

Hans Claesson's Wallpaper & Graphics Lots of Mike Oldfield inspired wall papers and graphics

Pat's Mike Oldfield Page Covers information, photos, lyrics, sound samples and a really good forum to add your own reviews of Mike's albums.

Mike Oldfield University A real gem. Discover that obscure fact they you never knew you wanted to know.

Mike Oldfield's Tubular World by Rainer Münz Possibly the largest Mike Oldfield discography on the face of the planet. If a record was ever released it will most likely be listed here!

Taurus II Czech language information site.

Mike Oldfield The complete Paris "Then And Now" concert in MP3 format.

Mike Oldfield Exposed Rare tracks in Realaudio format.

Taurus IV Gallery Lots of Mike Oldfield videos in DivX format.

24-7Valencia Online Review of the Tr3s Lunas launch.

ConnCeptual Interactive Download Brandon Blume's brilliant fan made mix of music from the MVR game (Tres Lunas II). Japanise language site, but lots of videos in real video format. English translation can be found here.

Mike Oldfield Federation Spanish language site.

Guitar Feelings From Oldfield Download loads of guitar tabs.

Richard Carter's Mike Oldfield Discography A Great Mike Oldfield discography with extensive notes for each album.

Official Sites.

Dark Star The official Mike Oldfield website.

Music Virtual Reality (MVR) Mike Oldfield's virtual reality project. Official German Mike Oldfield page. Official Tubular Bells 2003 page.

Related Artists.

Tom Newman Internet pages The official Tom Newman web site.

Kevin Ayers official home page The official Kevin Ayers web site.

Why Are We Sleeping Kevin Ayers fanzine.

Sing365 - Kevin Ayers Kevin Ayers biography, discography and lyrics.

David Bedford Web Pages The officially sanctioned David Bedford page.

Ulf Milanese's Sally Oldfield Pages Provideds a biography, discography and lyrics to all Sally's songs.

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