Album Information

Artist: Sallyangie

Album Name: Children Of The Sun

Release Date: 1968

Track Listing: Disc 1:

1: Strangers (1:17)
2: Lady Mary (3:43)
3: Children Of The Sun (5:06)
4: A Lover For All Seasons (3:43)
5: River Song (3:41)
6: Banquet On The Water (4:44)
7: Balloons (5:29)
8: Midsummer Night's Happenning (4:12)
9: Love In Ice Crystals (3:06)
10: Changing Colours (0:25)
11: Chameleon (2:26)
12: Milk Bottle (0:35)
13: The Murder Of The Children Of San Francisco (4:00)
14: Twilight Song (2:35)
15:The Song Of The Healer (3:03)
16: Strangers (1:13)

Disc 2:

17: Children Of The Sun (minus intro) (4:11)
18.:Mrs Moon And The Thatched Shop (6:18)
19: Branches (6:54)
20: A Sad Song For Rosie (2:14)
21: Colours Of The World (2:30)
22: Two Ships (3:17)

This is the track listing for the 2002 reissue. Remove tracks 14, 15 and disc 2 for original issue.

Mike's Contribution: The reissue booklet lists Mike with solo writing credits for tracks 7,10,11,13,18,19 and 20 and joint credits with Sally on tracks 6,8,9 and 12. As far as it can be established, Mike plays guitar and provides all the male vocals for all tracks except 21 and 22.

Special Notes:
By Ugo Coppola
From what Sally is quoted to have said in the CD booklet, "I picked up a guitar and wrote all the songs that were to appear on the record in just two days". It sounds like she's the only writer. Yet the credits on the booklet's back cover are careless enough to mention 'M. Oldfield' as the only writer of four tracks (including one he can't IMHO have written entirely on his own, i.e. "Chameleon"), while only four more tracks [out of sixteen!] are credited as 'Oldfield, Oldfield' [one of which, "Milk bottle", is a guitar impromptu that I don't think Sally's had anything at all to do with].

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