Album Information

Artist: Kevin Ayers

Album Name: Colours Of The Day

Release Date: 1994

Track Listing: 1. Oyster and The Flying Fish
2. Lady Rachel
3. We Did It Again
4. Hat Song
5. Clarence In Wonderland
6. Colores Para Dolores
7. Why Are We Sleeping
8. Garden Of Love
9. Gemini Child
10. Trying Hard To Know
11. Hat Song

Mike's Contribution: Guitar and Bass on tracks 1 to 7, Guitar on track 8 and bass on tracks 9 and 11.

Special Notes:

Tracks 1 to 7 were recorded from the 'VPRO' Piknik' radio and TV broadcast of the session from Drijbergen, Holland 30/06/70.

Track 8 is an excerpt from "The Garden Of Love" performed at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London 26/09/70 and recorded from a BBC radio broadcast.

Tracks 9 and 11 were recorded from BBC Radio's "Sounds Of The Seventies" 14/04/72. This was a rebroadcast of the "Top Gear" sessions from 10/02/70.

Track 10 may not be Kevin Ayers at all.

This information is accurate as far as I can ascertain. However, I have cross-referenced three separate sources and each one shows slight differences.

Other Musicians:

Tracks 1 to 7

Kevin Ayers (guitar and vocals), David Bedford (keyboard), Lol Coxhill (saxophone and vocals), Robert Wyatt (drums) and Bridget St. John (vocals on track 1).

Track 8

Kevin Ayers (guitar and vocals), David Bedford (keyboard), Lol Coxhill (soprano sax, tenor sax), Robert Wyatt (drums and assorted percussion) and The London Sinfonietta (Sebastian Bell: flute, Anthony Pay: clarinet, Antonia Cook: horn, Peter Reeve: trumpet, Daryl Runswick: double bass, David Atherton: conductor).

Tracks 9 and 11

Kevin Ayers (guitar and vocals), David Bedford (piano), Lol Coxhill (saxophone), Mick Fincher (drums on track 9) and Robert Wyatt (drums on track 11).

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