Album Information

Artist: Various

Album Name: There is some fun going
(Dandelion Rarities Volume 1)

Release Date: 1995

Track Listing: 1: Only To Do What Is True (Medicine Head)
2: Anticipation (Clifford T Ward)
3: Pretty Little Girl (Coxhill-Bedford Duo)
4: Nell's Song (Mike Hart)
5: All Ends Up (Tractor)
6: Fly High (Bridget St John)
7: Sky Dance (John Trevor)
8: Mama Keep Your Big Mouth Shut (Stackwaddy)
9: The Colour Is Blue (Country Sun)
10: Sand All Yellow (Kevin Coyne)

11: Vorblifa Exit (Lol Coxhill)
12: Fetch Me My Woman (Siren)
13: The War Is Over (Siren)
14: Autumn Lady Dancing (Principal Edwards Magic Theatre)
15: Early Morning Song (Bridget St John)
16: Sleeping Town (Beau)
17: Girl From Ipanema (Stackwaddy)

Mike's Contribution: Guitar on track 11.

Special Notes:

This is the track listing for the CD edition of the album. The original Vinyl version was released under the name "There is some fun going forward" minus tracks 11 to 17.

Vorblifa Exit was recorded with Kevin Ayers And The Whole World and was originally released on the vinyl version of "Ear Of The Beholder"

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