Album Information

Artist: Lol Coxhill

Album Name: Ear Of Beholder

Release Date: 1971

Track Listing: 1: Introduction
2: Hungerford
3: Deviation Dance
4: Two Little Pigeons
5: Don Alfonso
6: Open Piccadilly
7: Feedback
8: Vorblifa - Exit
9: Insensatez
10: A Conversation With Children/Jamaican Rumba
11: Piccadilly With Goofs
12: Rasa-Moods
13: A Collective Improvisation
14: I Am the Walrus
15: The Rhythmic Hooter
16: Lover Man
17: Zoological Fun
18: Little Triple One Shot
19: That's Why Darkies Were Born
20: A Series of Superbly Played Mellotron Codas

This is the track listing for the vinyl edition. Track 8 was removed from the CD version.

Mike's Contribution: Bass on tracks 8 and 13 and possibly track 15 (see below)

Special Notes:
By Ulf Milanese

Listening to "The Rhythmic Hooter" we can hear that Lol is accompanied by drums, bass and guitar (the rhythmic backing). Seeing that Kevin Ayers and the Whole World played some gigs in London during this week, and that Mike, Lol and David Bedford were all members of the Whole World, I am absolutely sure that the rhythmic backing comprises of the same people as on the track "A Collective Improvisation". (I know this is not proof, but the probability that this is true is very high).

Somebody must have played all other instruments except the saxophone, and the style of the backing music is very similar to that of the improvised track.

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