Album Information

Artist: Tom Newman

Album Name: Faerie Symphony

Release Date: 1977

Track Listing: 1: The Woods Of
2: Fordin Seachrain
3: Bean Si
4: Little Voices Of Tarans
5: The Fluter
6: The Seelie Court
7: The Spell Breaks
8: The Fairy Song
9: Dance Of The Daonhe Sidhe (pronounced Theena Shee)
10: Memories Of Culchvlainn
11: Aillen Mac Midna
12: The Unseelie Court
13: The Woods Of...

14: Sad Sing
15: Excerpt from Stonehenge
16: Will You Be Mine In The Morning?
17: Excerpt from Concerto De Mango In E Major
18: Day Of The Percherons - demo
19: The Soujourn To The Dun Of Culann The Smith
20: The Courting Of Emer
21: Superman - demo
22: Cycle For Moving Dunes

Mike's Contribution: The red sticker on the 1999 release states that Mike features on tracks 9,14,18 and 22. This is a misprint and it should say 21 instead of track 22.

When the recording was first released no credit was given for Mike's playing on "Dance Of The Daonhe Sidhe". This was suspected to be due to copyright problems and it has never been officially confirmed that he did play on this track. However it certainly sounds like Mike.

An Asian single "Dance Of The Daonhe Sidhe/The Unseelie Court" was released with a sticker claiming that Mike plays guitar on both tracks. "Dance Of The Daonhe Sidhe" is the same version that features on this album but the single contains an alternative version of "The Unseelie Court". The version of "The Unseelie Court" on the "Faerie Symphony" album is played entirely by Tom.

AMAROK: The Original Mike Oldfield Mailing List claims that Mike plays on "The Unseelie Court" and does not play on the version of "Dance Of The Daonhe Sidhe" that appears on this album. However it seems that the information stated on the AMAROK page is incorrect, as it seems to have swapped the credits on these two tracks around.

Thanks to Ulf Milanese for the original notes.

Special Notes: Tracks 14 to 22 are bonus tracks on the 1999 reissue released under the name "Faerie Symphony And Other Stories"

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