Album Information

Artist: Marillion

Album Name: Fish Out Of Water Rarities Part 3

Release Date: 1986 or later

Track Listing: 1. Shadow On The Wall (7:30)
2. I Know What I Like (6:42)
3. Auld Langs Ayne (3:52)
4. Geesabum (4:22)
5. Script For A Jester's Tear (9:51)
6. Cinderella Search (6:24)

Mike's Contribution: Guitar on track 1. Mike may also play on track 2 as Fish thanks Mike at the end of "I know What I Like" but that may just be for his performance on "Shadow On The Wall".

Special Notes: Tracks 1+2 were recorded live Hammersmith Odeon 6.2.86 during a charity concert.
Track 3-6 were recorded live Aylesbury Friars 22.12.84
Further guests: Roger Chapman (track 1),
Steve Hackett (track 2), John Otway (track 3)

Track 1 also features on the Marilion bootleg "Double O Charity". Track 2 features on the Mike Oldfield Bootlegs "I met a sweet Senora" and "Balm for the walking dead".

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