Album Information

Artist: Kevin Ayers And The Whole World

Album Name: The Garden Of Love

Release Date: 1998

Track Listing: 1. The Garden Of Love

Mike's Contribution: Electric Guitar

Special Notes: The premier of this never studio recorded album, was at the Queen Elizabeth Hall on 26th September 1970. The 1998 CD version of that recording was the first ever official release of the composition. Although an excerpt was available on the 1994 bootleg "Colours Of The Day".

Other Musicians: Kevin Ayers (guitar and vocals), David Bedford (keyboard), Lol Coxhill (soprano sax, tenor sax), Robert Wyatt (drums and assorted percussion) and The London Sinfonietta (Sebastian Bell: flute, Anthony Pay: clarinet, Antonia Cook: horn, Peter Reeve: trumpet, Daryl Runswick: double bass, David Atherton: conductor).

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