Album Information

Artist: Robert Wyatt

Album Name: Las Vegas Fandango

Release Date: 1974

Track Listing: 1. Dedicated to you but weren't listening
2. Memories
3. Sea song
4. A last straw
5. Little red riding hood hit the road
6. Alifib
7. God song
8. Behind the eyes (for a friend, R)
9. Instant pussy
10. Signed curtain
11. Calyx
12. Little red Robin Hood hit the road
13. I'm a believer

Mike's Contribution: Guitar on all tracks.

Special Notes: Recorded at Drury Lane Theatre, London on August 9 1974.

This is the track listing for the CD reissue. Remove tracks 1,8,10 and 11 for the original vinyl release.

Other Musicians: Robert Wyatt (vocals), Dave Stewart (keyboard), Hugh Hopper (bass), Laurie Allen (drums), Fred Frith (guitar and violin), Julie Tippett (vocals), Gary Windo (bass clarinet and tenor sax), Mongezi Feza (trumpet), Nick Mason (drums) and Ivor Cutler (vocals).

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