Album Information

Artist: Henry Cow

Album Name: Legend

Release Date: 1973

Track Listing: 1. Nirvana for Mice
2. Amygdala
3. Teenbeat Introduction
4. Teenbeat
5. Nirvana Reprise (First CD issue only)
6. Extract from "With the Yellow Half-Moon and Blue Star"
7. Teenbeat Reprise
8. The Tenth Chaffinch
9. Nine Funerals of the Citizen King
10. Bellycan (First CD issue only)

Mike's Contribution: First part of "Nirvana for Mice" engineered by Mike Oldfield

Special Notes: Several versions of this album exist. The first CD issue was a remix of the original vinyl version. The latest reissue from ReR Megacorp features a remastered version of the original vinyl mix, called Leg End (Original Mix). It is widely considered to be the best version. More information on the various mixes can be found on The Henry Cow WWW Home Page.

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