Album Information

Artist: Phil Beer

Album Name: Official Bootleg One

Release Date: 2000

Track Listing: 1. Small Town Talking
2. If You Have A Chance
3. Swansea Town
4. Pass Them By
5. Same Old Fman
6. Dance With Me
7. Think It Over
8. Dance Tune
9. Teetotallers Reel/Chasing The Jack/Billys Breakdown
10. Fairweather Friend
11. Jockey To The Fair
12. Lovers
13. The Ballad Of Cursed Anna
14. Sit You Down

Mike's Contribution: Sit You Down:
Phil Beer vocs/acoustic guitar
Mike Oldfield everything else

Special Notes:

Private pressing made by Phil Beer. You can order it from Phil Beer's official website

"Sit You Down" and "Passed You Buy" were recorded by Phil and Mike during a session shortly after the 1979 Exposed tour. "Pass Them By", is an alternative title for "Passed You By". The Version included on this album does not feature Mike. However the Mike Oldfield version does appear on the charity album "Where Would You Rather Be Tonight?"

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