Album Information

Artist: Kevin Ayers And The Whole World

Album Name: Shooting At The Moon

Release Date: 1970

Track Listing:
1: May I?
Rheinhardt And Geraldine
Colores Para Dolores (9:39)
2: Lunatics Lament
Pisser Dans Un Violon (12:54)
3: The Oyster And The Flying Fish
Clarence in Wonderland
Red, Green And You Blue (12:27)
4: Shooting At The Moon (5:46)

Gemini child (bonus track)
Puis je (bonus track)
Butterfly dance (bonus track)
Jolie madame (bonus track)
Hat (take 4)

Mike's Contribution: Mike plays bass on all parts of track 1, guitar on all parts of track 2, bass on Clarence In Wonderland and Red Green And You Blue and bass and vocals on track 4. Bass on tracks 5 and 6 and bass on the first part and guitar on the second part of track 7.

Special Notes: Warning: The 2003 Harvest reissue (5827772) contains copy protection. I have not been able to get any official confirmation of this from the manufactures or any retailers (Take a look at this transcript of my conversation with's "Customer Support"). However I have received several emails and Usenet messages from people who have purchased the disc telling me that it does have Cactus-200 copy protection on it. It is also listed on the Hot Buttered Death: CD copy protection list. So it would probably best to avoid the reissue. The earlier "Beat Goes On" issue still seems to be readily available without copy protection.

Tracks 5 to 9 are bonus tracks on the 2003 Harvest reissue.

Joy Of A Toy and Shooting at the moon were issued as a double vinyl LP set in 1975. However Joy Of A Toy does not feature Mike at all.

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