Album Information

Artist: Edgar Broughton Band

Album Name: Edgar Broughton Band

Release Date: 1971

Track Listing: 1: Evening Over Rooftops
2: The Birth
3: Piece Of My Own
4: (a) Poppy
(b) Don't Even Know Which Day It Is
5: House Of Turnabout
6: Madhatter
7: (a) Getting Hard
(b) What Is A Woman For?
8: Thinking Of You
9: (a) For Dr. Spock (Part One)
(b) For Dr. Spock (Part Two)

10: Out Demons Out
11: Apache Drop Out (Apache Intro. Drop Out Boogie)
12: Freedom
13: Up Yours!

10*: (a) Get Out Of Bed
(b) There's Nobody There
(c) Side By Side
11*: Sister Angela
12*: I Got Mad
13*: They Took It Away
14*: Homes Fit For Heroes
15*: Gone Blue
16*: Chilly Morning Momma
17*: The Rake
18*: Totin' This Guitar
19*: Double Agent
20*: It's Not You
21*: Rock 'N' Roll

Mike's Contribution: Thinking Of You: mandolin

Special Notes: Tracks 10 to 13 are bonus tracks on the CD issue. Beat Goes On Records released the albums "Edgar Broughton Band" and "In Side Out" as a two-on-one CD in 1993. Track listing 1 to 9 and 10* to 21*.

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