Album Information

Artist: Henry Cow

Album Name: Unrest

Release Date: 1974

Track Listing: 1: Bittern Storm over Ulm
2: Half asleep; Half awake
3: Ruins
4: Solemn Music
5: Linguaphonie
6: Upon entering the Hotel Adlon
7: Arcades
8: Deluge
9: The Glove
10: Torchfire

Mike's Contribution: Recording engineer on parts of Ruins.

Special Notes:

'The Glove' and 'Torchfire' are bonus tracks on the first CD edition.

Several versions of this album exist. The first CD issue suffered from the same audio problems as the vinyl release, low volume and a high level of tape hiss. The latest reissue from ReR Megacorp features a digitally remastered version and is called Unrest (Original Mix). It is widely considered to be the best version, although the bonus tracks are not included. More information on the various mixes can be found on The Henry Cow WWW Home Page.

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