Album Information

Artist: Kevin Ayers

Album Name: Whatevershebringswesing

Release Date: 1972

Track Listing: 1: There Is Loving / Among Us / There Is Loving (7:21)
2: Margaret (3:19)
3: Oh My (2:58)
4: Song From The Bottom Of A Well (4:36)
5: Whatevershebringswesing (8:11)
6: Stranger In Blue Suede Shoes (3:23)
7: Champagne Cowboy Blues (4:01)
8: Lullaby (2:03)

9: Stars (bonus track)
10: Don't sing no more sad songs (bonus track)
11: Fake Mexican tourist blues (bonus track)
12: Stranger in blue suede shoes (early mix)

Mike's Contribution: Guitar and bass on title track, Whatevershebringswesing and guitar on Stars.

Special Notes: Warning: The 2003 Harvest reissue (5827782) contains copy protection. I have not been able to get any official confirmation of this from the manufactures or any retailers (Take a look at this transcript of my conversation with's "Customer Support"). However I have received several emails and Usenet messages from people who have purchased the disc telling me that it does have Cactus-200 copy protection on it. It is also listed on the Campaign for Digital Rights Known Bad CDs page and the Hot Buttered Death: CD copy protection list. So it would probably best to avoid the reissue. The earlier "Beat Goes On" issue still seems to be readily available without copy protection.

Tracks 9 to 12 are bonus tracks on the 2003 Harvest reissue.

Whatevershebringswesing and Bananamour were issued as a double vinyl LP set in 1977. However Bananamour does not feature Mike at all.

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