Album Information

Artist: Various

Album Name: Where Would You Rather Be Tonight?

Release Date: 1986

Track Listing: Side One

1: Passed You By (Phil Beer and Mike Oldfield)
2: The Weaver And The Factory Maid (Steeleye Span)
3: Y420 Q/A (Grant Baynham)
4: Same Old Man (Arizona Smoke Revue)
5: When Dracula Went To The Blood Bank (Les Barker)
6: Fast Lane Down (Paul Metsers)
7: Tortoise (Jake Thackray)

Side Two

1: Quazi be good (Jon Benns with Fairport Convention and Wurzel)
2: Jimmy's Song (Allan Taylor)
3: The Electric Guitar Is King (Ashley Hutchings and friends)
4: Black Is The Colour (Martin Simpson and Jessica Radcliffe)
5: When All Is Said And Done (Johnny Coppin)
6: The Nelson Monologue (Shep Wooley)
7: Where Would You Rather Be Tonight? (Mike Silver)

Mike's Contribution: Track 1, Phil Beer is credited with guitar and vocals. Mike is credited with everything else.

Special Notes: "Sit You Down" and "Passed You Buy" were recorded by Phil and Mike during a session shortly after the 1979 Exposed tour. "Sit You Down" can be found on Phil Beer's "Official Bootleg One"

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